Secure Document Exchange – How Secure Document Exchange Can Benefit Your Business

Secure Document Exchange is a crucial tool for companies that require the transfer of sensitive information. Sharing files via email could expose businesses to a variety of security risks. These include financial records, customer data intellectual property, future business plans.

Secure document exchange solutions can help eliminate the risks, and enhance the overall experience of your customers and team. It is a reliable technology that lets users upload, share and approve documents to anyone, at any time anywhere, at any time.

More than 90,000 clients in diverse industries rely on Thru’s secure platform for document exchange to collaborate with confidence. We make every effort to ensure that our solutions are fully conforming and provide the highest security levels available that give you assurance that your information is being protected throughout the day. We permit users to unshare files (revoke access) at any time, even after the file has been downloaded to any device that is a client. This gives you total control over your data.

With secure document exchange tools, you can easily to cut down on manual processes that you have in your workflow, thereby saving your teams a substantial amount of time. For example, a simple process such as sending a signed document for signature can be stored automatically in the correct folder within your client portal, eliminating the need to perform manual actions from the team member. This is particularly useful for utilities such as utility providers which have monthly statements and proof of identity are commonplace. This can accelerate the approval process for services and allows them to be set up or cancelled earlier.