Management Software For Nonprofits

Non-profit organizations, founded to benefit the public rather than make profits, are responsible for index some important work around the world. According to the Center for Nonprofits in the United States, there are over 1.5 million nonprofits accounting for 10 percent of the total employment. It’s essential for nonprofits to have an all-encompassing platform on which they can simplify and track their projects and their progress. Software for managing nonprofits is the way to go.

Aside from allowing you to manage your projects, the majority of tools also have collaboration and communication features for teams. This lets you reduce the time spent on email and to facilitate quick virtual meetings. Some tools even let you set up custom statuses for your projects and sprints that are specific to teams or tasks. You can also limit access to projects and data by defining them as private or comment-only.

The Dependencies feature is a further useful tool. It lets you mark tasks that must be completed once another task is completed. This lets you and your team keep track of your to-do list and ensures that nothing slips through the gaps.

Boardable is a straightforward but robust tool for managing your organization that can help non-profit organizations with a variety of administrative tasks. It can help you create a directory of people, keep all documents together, automate meetings, and create agendas. It is especially useful for non-profit organizations that produce many pieces of material for fundraising events, events, and other marketing campaigns.