Ecommerce Design Mistakes to Avoid

Customers who shop online have a wealth of options, so it’s essential to make the shopping experience as easy and smooth as possible. If customers encounter a stumbling or confusing shopping process, they may abandon their carts completely and leave a negative feedback that could convince other potential buyers to avoid your store.

From poorly designed calls-to action to low-quality images of your products, these design mistakes can have severe negative effects on your sales. Fortunately, a majority of them can be easily avoided by careful planning.

Low-Quality Images

Nobody wants to buy to purchase a product that’s not displayed in the best light. It is crucial to use high-quality pictures on your ecommerce website. Having poor quality pictures will not only deter customers but also damage your brand’s reputation.

There is no Guest Checkout Option

Another common error is not providing guests a guest checkout. This can deter potential customers from making purchases on your website. Many customers are reluctant to sign up for an account on a new website, especially when it requires them provide personal information like their email address. It is recommended that visitors sign up with their social media accounts instead to simplify the process. This will help ease their privacy concerns.

Finally, another big ecommerce design mistake is having a messy and disorganized menu structure. It is important to plan out the way each page will appear on your site so that navigation is clear and convenient. Make sure that every page is organized according to the type of content it contains and make it easy for customers to find the items they’re looking for.