OpenVPN Connect Vs OpenVPN For Android

OpenVPN Connect, the “official” OpenVPN Inc. app, is designed to be more user-friendly for VPN users with no technical skills. It’s not as feature-rich openvpn for Android, which is targeted toward more advanced OpenVPN users.

Openvpn for Android is a free and open source client created by Arne Schwabe that allows you to connect to any VPN service that is compatible with the OpenVPN protocol. It’s an excellent choice if your device is not compatible with pre-configured “off the shelf” VPN apps that are available on the Google Play Store. Setup is relatively easy. It is as simple as importing your VPN profile files (the configuration files have an extension of.ovpn) which you can find on your provider’s website or by contact their live chat support team.

When you’ve imported a profile, tap a server in the list and connect to that server. Once connected, your Internet traffic is sent through a secure tunnel to the server you’ve selected in the app. You can view the status of your connection as well as details in the Status tab. A kill switch is enabled by default and will disable your Internet connections when the VPN tunnel drops.

The app also comes with per-app VPN and an automatic feature that automatically begins an VPN connection when the app is being used and will continue to work even after your device is shut down or switches networks. However, the latter requires Android 7.0 or higher and could make your battery run more than usual.