What Is a Secure Online Data Repository?

A Secure Online Data Repository (SODR) is a massive database infrastructure, made up of multiple databases, which collects, manages and stores sensitive data for data analysis and report generation. Authorized users can access and retrieve data using query and search tools. Repositories also provide an extensive view of organizational data by integrating data from multiple sources.

Centralization of data in a repository decreases the possibility of structural discrepancies across diverse datasets. Repositories can be designed with built-in validation mechanisms that ensure the data is compliant with certain standards before it is consumed or updated. This allows governance policies to be consistently applied and ensures that data quality is maintained and security protocols are followed. It’s also easier to monitor access and security protocols on a central platform than across a number of fragmented storage locations for data.

Many data repositories provide the option of encrypting both at rest and in flow, preventing delicate information from being read, altered or modified by unauthorized users. This reduces the chance that sensitive information gets accidentally released, which can be a serious security issue for an enterprise. Regular backups are also able to defend against malicious attacks that could destroy important databases. A lot of repositories allow versioning, so that previous versions of the information are preserved to track and revert changes. This protects important information in the event of a system malfunction, or hacking attack.

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