Questions to Ask a Board Portal Vendor

A portal for boards can help simplify the process of organizing and executing board meetings. It allows for the sharing of documents and information allows communication between board members, and gives storage for important documents. But not all portals are created in the same way, so it’s important to ask the right questions during demonstrations with prospective vendors. To help you select the most effective solution for your board we’ve created an array of questions to ask your prospective portal vendor.

Do you provide secure access to your website from any device?

The most reliable software for board management comes with encryption, which safeguards sensitive data from the prying eyes of unauthorized parties. It also adheres to international security standards and monitors staff in data centres and implements a range of physical security measures including biometrics and closed circuit monitoring.

Facilitate your Meeting Process

The best tools for managing your board allow you to plan meetings quickly and efficiently create an agenda and supporting materials, gather RSVPs and attendance, then distribute and collect board member work products. These tools also permit an easy and quick review of the minutes of meetings and assist in the creation and implementation of policies, procedures and guidelines to help the board to make better decisions.

Make sure that your board portal has a high rate of adoption by providing a variety and individual training sessions, which include webinars and video conferences. If some of your board members are technology-challenged, personally reach out to them and offer personalized tutorials to get them up and running. Also, consider an organization with a solid reputation in the business and with excellent customer service.